Thursday, August 4, 2011

Paper Share

  • Each participant will receive one full sheet of 12x12 paper from each DSP family (that is 13 families) for a total of 78 pieces of 12x12 paper! That works out to be .84cents per piece of paper!

  • We need a minimum of two people per group. All you had to do is give me your name and I will pair you up. However, if you know someone you would like to do the share with then I will pair the two of you up.

  • The total for each person is $65.52 this includes tax and shipping and reflex the promotion this month. If the promotion was not in effect the price of the share would be $85.10 with each sheet being $1.09.

  • To view the paper simply click on the promotion listed above or click here.

  • To get the process going simply email me that you are interested. Once we have enough participants I will email to let you know along with a pay pal link. Because of the promotion this share is time sinsitive and will only last a short while.

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